Agility Training and Track


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SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ by SYNLawn are synthetic grass surfaces designed to withstand the rigors of even the most vigorous workout as well as help prevent common athletic injuries. Both products are ideal for agility training and speed drills.

Agility Training and Track

Engineered to increase performance

Designed for workout and agility training exercises, SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ are specialty non-infill synthetic turfs. Every piece is engineered to increase performance and speed. They are constructed with a low pile blended polyethylene and nylon with a 5mm foam back. This provides a surface that is less abrasive and results in less friction than competitor’s products which only use nylon. The distinctive blended turf allows sleds and other weight-training objects to slide effortlessly across its surface.

Helps prevent common injuries

With innovative shock absorbency designed to reduce impact, SpeedTurf and TrackTurf use a reinforced foam base layer that offers superior protection against jolts and also reduces lower back fatigue, muscular exhaustion, shin splints, and other chronic injuries that can be caused by improper shock absorption. Athletes can stretch, bend, and lay on SpeedTurf and TrackTurf with ease and comfort, without worrying about hard and unforgiving rubber flooring.

Easy to Clean

SpeedTurf and TrackTurf fibers are easy to clean and disinfect, dramatically reducing the risk of staph infections and mold growth. Composite backing secures the fibers in place while also providing maximum durability. Plus, because SpeedTurf and TrackTurf do not use infill, which makes training facilities are much easier to keep clean.

Guaranteed to perform

SpeedTurf and TrackTurf allow athletes of every level to hone their skills on the field and off while refining performance and decreasing muscle fatigue. These turfs mimic the feel of real grass while providing additional shock absorbency so that every athlete can train to perform at their best while reducing the risk of injury. With the SpeedTurf and TrackTurf warranty, you can train hard without worrying about having to replace your flooring every year. Built as tough as the athletes who train on them, SpeedTurf and TrackTurf provide a nine-year warranty. Go ahead, surpass your competition by training smart on SpeedTurf and TrackTurf.

Agility Turf Applications

SpeedTurf and TrackTurf are ideal for strength and agility training, sled pulls, indoor shot-put/hammer training, Cross-Training, gym floors, weight lifting areas, indoor and outdoor batting cages, soccer fields, tennis courts, and aerobics. (Pet-Friendly)

Custom Colors Available

Contact your SYNLawn Idaho Representative for more information regarding custom colors for synthetic turf including SpeedTurf and TrackTurf by SYNLawn artificial grass.

Agility Training and Track Products


SKU: SPEED | Total Weight: 60 oz | 15 years

(Made to Order Product) Designed with athletes in mind, SpeedTurf by SYNLawn is a non-infill, low-friction turf with a foam backing pad that absorbs energy reducing the impact on the body.


SKU: TRACK | Total Weight: 60 oz | 15 years

(Made to Order Product) Designed for durability and safety, TrackTurf by SYNLawn is a non-infill turf with an energy-absorbing backing pad that reduces the risk of injury to athletes during training.


SKU: SYNSP | Total Weight: 58 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

This multi-purpose sports turf variety is perfect for large indoor or outdoor applications, including golf entertainment fairways and backyard play areas.


SKU: SYNMOD | Total Weight: 65 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

DISCONTINUED (Please ask about availability) This modular turf system is designed for multi-use facility and sports applications such as Crossfit, indoor soccer, Lacrosse, and more. Combined with closed-cell shock pad technology and a hook-and-loop fastener system, this portable turf system can easily be used over and over.

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